Earth has only one natural satellite, the Moon. However, this week in honour of Earth Day I scrolled across an animation of the man-made NASA operated satellites that are currently orbiting around the Earth. At present, NASA has a fleet of 18 satellites above us, including of course, the International Space Station. I have to […]

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I’m Waking On Sunshine

Your consciousness has been altered, replaced with a series of cryptic, sometimes harrowing hallucinations, all five of your senses are been hindered and the action of moving once-voluntary muscles has become utterly impossible… It sounds like a scene out of a dystopian sci-fi movie but in fact, humans on average spend around 26 years of […]

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Lights Off! It’s Earth Hour

Have you got your diary handy? A calendar? Your phone? If you do could you write an important reminder for the 28th March: Earth Hour 8:30 pm. You also might want to make a sub note: buy some candles. Earth Hour is a movement that began in Sydney back in 2007. Although just shy of only a decade […]

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Brittany Wenger: A Young Scientist

It was in 1915, that a 25-year-old Australian-born physicist named William Bragg Jnr. received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in the field of x-ray crystallography. At the time, he was the youngest scientist ever to receive the honour. Flash forward to present time and the ground-breaking work of young scientists continue to change […]

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