Hello & Welcome

Hello and welcome to my freshly updated website!

The world has changed since I last posted on here (a long while ago) and what this changed world has given us all is a lot more time. I’ll admit, ever since life has shifted into the COVID-19 world I haven’t felt like writing. I haven’t felt creative or inspired. In fact, I tried to make an Easter Hat for a Zoom Staff meeting and it took me hours to think of anything that could possibly pass for a good idea. It stressed me out.

The Easter Hat…. yeah

However, in the last couple of days I have felt a bit of a shift, an adjustment to a slower life. My brain feels better somehow like it’s healing from the constant buzz, the noise, the mental to do lists. I can feel the creativity slowly starting to trickle back in. I am an extremely lucky person and very aware of this. I can enjoy nature, soak up sun and talk with friends and family.

In dark times, it often feels selfish to celebrate the good things. When we turn on the news, things seems sad and big but I think it is important that we don’t stop celebrating small wins so…

An Exciting Update –

Last August I was given the incredible opportunity to be one of fourteen young regional writers to participate in The Writing Place. A weeklong play-writing residency run by Carclew and Country Arts SA. I spent a week amongst the Flinders Rangers with no reception and a wonderful group of people who inspired me to no end. We spent the week writing short plays for young regional voices. We then travelled to Whyalla to see our pieces performed by the local teenage actors. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

My play is entitled “I wore heels, so she wore heels” and explores the intricacies of teenage friendships as well as the thrilling yet terrifying age of being considered an adult but still feeling like a child. The play features two characters, both of which have elements of myself at that age. It was fun to tap back into that mindset but also interesting to think how far I’ve come.

Our plays have now been compiled into a book titled “This was urgent yesterday.” It is being published by The Currency Press on the 22nd April 2020. If you had told my past self at eighteen (the age of my characters) that I would be published I would have been over the moon and I completely am.

Click here to have a look!

PS. I will be a LOT more active on here so please subscribe to the newsletter and website updates. I also have an Instagram @notquitewriter where I post all the books I’ve been reading in isolation.


2 thoughts on “Hello & Welcome

  1. Great blog site Lisa, nice and clear and relatable 🔥 Looking forward to reading your play. Maybe put up more pics so we can relate to your world 🌎 😊🐶⚡️💪🍷📕📗📘📒📚💕


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